July 25, 2024


Weapons of Mass Destruction

WMD Weapons of Mass Destruction

Over recent years Nobel Peace Prize winner Professor Sir Joseph Rotblat had become increasingly concerned about developments in nuclear weapons policies that are putting the world in increasing danger of a nuclear conflict. The most recent developments have been driven by the current US administration, though other countries appear to support these major policy changes. The general public does not seem to be aware of these increasing dangers.

In order to raise this awareness, he gathered together leaders of different Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) working in this field and the WMD Awareness Programme was created.  Although Professor Rotblat died on the 31st August 2005 we honour his memory by continuing the programme he inspired.

The blurring of the distinction between chemical/biological/nuclear, and even other types of weapons, by using the overall term WMD, clouds the issue. This plays into the hands of those who would wish to use a nuclear weapon in a pre-emptive strike against a non-nuclear nation.

The WMD Awareness Programme is created to remove this confusion about WMD by bringing honesty, transparency and accountability into this field. We will make reliable information available to all.

The web site shows what a weapon of mass destruction is, who has them, where they are, what the effects of them are and will encourage everyone to get involved. You can find out where your nearest WMD site is and tell us. ‘Dish the Dirt on WMD’!

We call for a full inventory of WMD to be created by the UN and for all WMD sites to be placed under UN guardianship.

The UN must create an inspection and verification regime to monitor compliance with existing international treaties and law on Chemical, Biological and Nuclear weapons. The inspections must be intrusive, systematic and even handed, with ALL states being subjected to the same regime.

Future Automation

Automation – Our Future

Latest reports from Amazon reveal that the Amazon AI is playing a deeper role in manipulating prices on the Amazon platform as research is revealed stating Amazon is directly undercutting rivals Walmart to maximize sales. Yet what expense does this cost Amazon’s own third-party sellers?

Research suggests that Amazon sellers are having their pricing automatically reduced regardless of whether an Amazon third party seller is currently holding the buy box or not.

A practice of lowering prices of sellers without taking into account whether the seller is the current buy box seller holder would have an impact of a race to the bottom where the only winner is Amazon who takes their fees regardless and has the added exposure and prestige of remaining the lowest priced selling across all platforms despite not actually being the lowest priced seller themselves.